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Time and Attendance

Improve Your Payroll Process

We can help you dramatically improve the productivity, accuracy and reliability of your payroll process. Our time and attendance solution frees up management time and financial resources for better use in your business. We offer timekeeping solutions in a variety of configurations that can be tailored to match the requirements of your business. When it is time to run payroll, employees' hours are automatically transferred into the payroll system.

There are many advantages:

Time Savings

Substantially reduce the time spent preparing time sheets, audits and reports.

Increase Accuracy

Minimize or eliminate costly human error in time sheet preparation.

High Productivity

Over 20 hours of productivity per year is lost by an employee who arrives late, extends a break or lunch and leaves early.

Increase Profitability

Time theft is all too common and can result in lost profits, not to mention overtime, taxes and benefits.

Management Reports

Pinnacle Financial Services' Time and Attendance solution provides information for numerous reports that help you manage your business. You specify the date range and the report provides the detail. Some of the most popular reports include:

  • Time Worked Report
  • Approaching Overtime Report
  • Exception/Missed Punch Report
  • Attendance Summary
  • Job Tracking Report
  • Time and Job Report
  • Tardy and Absent Report
  • Historical Timekeeping Report


  • Traditional Time Clock
  • Online Time Clock
  • Managers can view, edit and report their employees' timekeeping transactions
  • Employee Self Service allows employees to view their daily timekeeping transactions
  • Track Breaks and Lunches
  • Report Tips
  • Clock by Job
  • Enter Piece Work
  • Import Hours from other Time Systems such as POS