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Human Resources

OnDemand Human Resources

OnDemand Human Resources allow you to track and report important information, keep track of the following:

  • Emergency Contacts
  • Driver's License Information
  • Military Service
  • Security Clearances
  • Work Visa
  • Education Levels
  • Training Courses
  • Required Tests
  • Expiration of Certifications
  • Company Property
  • Performance Review

HR Support Center

Business owners should be aware of changing state and federal laws and requirements regarding Human Resources. Failure to comply can result in expensive penalties. For some businesses, hiring a dedicated HR professional might be cost prohibitive. In these cases you can rely on HR Support Center to keep your business current with the latest HR best practices. Our HR Support Center offers the following:

  • Employee Handbooks
  • Template-based HR Forms and Letters
  • Job Descriptions
  • Required HR forms
  • Question and Answer Database
  • News and articles
  • A glossary of HR terms

HR On-Demand Option

Now you can ask an HR Professional to help answer those tough questions. By subscribing to our HR On-Demand Option, you will have access to an HR professional without having to hire an HR manager or firm. Should your business be confronted with hiring, termination, FMLA, harassment, discrimination and other human resource related questions, you are not alone. The HR On-Demand option provides you access to unlimited personalized HR consulting via email and phone.