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Why Should I Use Pinnacle Payroll in My Office?

Why Should I Use Pinnacle Payroll in My Office?

Time Savings

Simply put, Pinnacle Payroll will save you time and money. Most payroll services and QuickBooks use systems that require you to enter payroll hours on their platforms. At Pinnacle, you send us your hours and we take over from there, saving you the time of computer connectivity, entering data, and printing. The age old adage that “time is money” has never been truer. You and your staff have more productive tasks than to waste time on payroll matters. We can handle all aspects of your payroll including creation of payments for your payroll deductions, direct deposits, comprehensive reporting, and more.

Reduced Costs, Better Service

Obviously, payroll service providers reduce your time compared to old fashioned manual processing. But at Pinnacle, our technology and platform allows us to enjoy greater efficiencies than our competition and that savings is passed directly to you. It is very common for us at Pinnacle to save our health care clients 30% to 50% in payroll processing fees compared to other payroll providers. Our service is second to none. When you have a question or concern, you have access to a Principal at Pinnacle; there are no call centers with a multitude of different representatives to navigate. You get quick and easy access to a payroll professional to resolve your concerns, quickly and efficiently.

Team of Experts

Most business owners and payroll related staff don’t have time to research and study constantly changing regulations, withholding rates, and government forms. By working with Pinnacle Payroll, your office can take advantage of expertise that was previously available only to big companies. We provide a qualified team of experts who can administer all the aspects of your HR and payroll needs.


At Pinnacle Payroll, we keep up with the latest and best technological advancements. We eliminate your concern with installing software updates and changing government regulations and reporting. You never have to concern yourself with upgrade and maintenance fees. Worrying about running out of check stock and payroll supplies will be a concern of the past. This gives you and your staff more time to focus and work on your business.

Direct Deposit

Providing direct deposit to employees is difficult if a company doesn’t use an outside payroll service. Increasingly, small businesses recognize that employees want direct deposit. Using direct deposit reduces the risk of fraud by eliminating the use of paper checks that could be altered or counterfeited. Unlike a paper check that bears your account number for all to see, when you use direct deposit your account number remains confidential to your financial institution or payroll provider.

July 21, 2016